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Sefer Bereishis

  1. Bereishis, Parshat Bereishis– The Image Of Education
  2. Bereishis, Parshat Noach– Nullifying yourself to the Collective
  3. Bereishis, Parshat Lech-Lecha– Enough
  4. Bereishis, Parshat Vayeirah– Merely G-d of your Tribe
  5. Bereishis, Parshat Chayei Sarah– Not Immortal
  6. Bereishis, Parshat Toldos– Revealing Deception
  7. Bereishis, Parshat Vayeitzei– A Vow Of Protection
  8. Bereishis, Parshat Vayishlach– Stilted Strength
  9. Bereishis, Parshat Vayeshev– Concerning Kings
  10. Bereishis, Parshat Mikeits– Clash Of Ideas
  11. Bereishis, Parshat Vayigash– Segregated Light
  12. Bereishis, Parshat Vayechi– Facing Inwards

 Sefer Shemos

  1. Shemos, Parshat Shemos – G-d’s Reply
  2. Shemos, Parshat Shemos 2 -Firstborn
  3. Shemos, Parshat Va’erah – But a Man
  4. Shemos, Parshat Va’erah 2– To Me As A Nation
  5. Shemos, Parshat Boh – Renewal
  6. Shemos, Parshat Boh 2– A guide to life
  7. Shemos, Parshat Beshalach – a Training in Trust
  8. Shemos, Parshat Beshalach 2 – Not only in bitterness
  9. Shemos, Parshat Yisro – The Evidence of Preparation
  10. Shemos, Parshat Yisro 2 – Belief and service
  11. Shemos, Parshat Mishpotim– A Point in Law
  12. Shemos, Parshat Mishpotim 2– Slavery understood
  13. Shemos, Parshat Teruma– Sanctify
  14. Shemos, Parshat Teruma 2– Materials understood
  15. Shemos, Parshat Tezaveh– You are what you Wear
  16. Shemos, Parshat Tezaveh 2– Holy Fashion
  17. Shemos, Parshat Ki – Sisa– A Different Kind of G-d
  18. Shemos, Parshat Ki – Sisa 2– To Behold Gods Glory
  19. Shemos, Parshat Vayakel– Context

Sefer Vayikrah

  1. Vayikrah, Parshat Vayikrah– The Meaning of Blood
  2. Vayikrah, Parshat Vayikrah 2– Not defined by Grief
  3. Vayikrah, Parshat Tsav– The Depth in Leaven
  4. Vayikrah, Parshat Shmini– Freedom and Purity
  5. Vayikrah, Parshat Tazriah– Feminism and Purity
  6. Vayikrah, Parshat Kedoshim-The Art of Morality
  7. Vayikrah, Parshat Emor-Counting up to Infinite Freedom
  8. Vayikrah, Parshat Behar-Between Sacrilege and Sanctity
  9. Vayikrah, Parshat Bechukosai-Mission of the Soul, in Numbers

Sefer Bamidbar

  1. Bamidbar, Parshat Bamidbar– The Meaning of Blood
  2. Bamidbar, Parshat Nosoh – Correlations
  3. Bamidbar, Parshat Beha’alos’cha– Clarity of Vision
  4. Bamidbar, Parshat Shelach– Libations of Dependance
  5. Bamidbar, Parshat Korach– Rebellion and Leadership
  6. Bamidbar, Parshat Chukas– Red Heifer and Moral Freedom
  7. Bamidbar, Parshat Balak– Gods and Perspectives
  8. Bamidbar, Parshat Pinchas-Continuous Presence
  9. Bamidbar, Parshat masay-Teachers of divinity


Sefer Devarim

  1. Devarim, Parshat Devarim– Framework of Preparation
  2. Devarim, Parshat Vaes’chanan-Just One True God
  3. Devarim, Parshat Eikev-Parallel of Blessings
  4. Devarim, Parshat Re’ei-Warning of Flesh
  5. Devarim, Parshat Shoftim-Man’s Feat
  6. Devarim, Parshat Ki-Seitzei-The mother of Feminism
  7. Devarim, Parshat Ki-Savo-The study of Tithes
  8. Devarim, Parshat Netzavim-Instruction and Infallibility
  9. Devarim, Parshat Vayelech-The Darkness and the Light
  10. Devarim, Parshat Ha’azinu-Fickle Demons

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    I work for the CB Weekly, which is a email newsletter sent weekly to 3,000+ subscribers and we always a include a short dvar torah either on the parsha. I was wondering if we would be able to use divrai torah from here or if you would like to send new ones in to us. Please be in touch if you are interested.


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