Parsha Videos

For the second round in Rav Hirsch on the Parsha, I decided to add a short, 2 minute video, bringing out a point of that week. These videos are geared towards those really just wanting a concise point to share on the Shabbos table or to ponder about during the week.

From the Old City of Jerusalem to you, have a wonderful Shabbos.

Sefer Shemos

  • Parshat Shemos

  • Parshat Va’erah

  • Parshat Boh

Parshat Yesro
Parshat Mishpatim
Parshat Truma
Parshat Tzava
Parshat Ki Sesa
Parshat Vayakhel
Parshat Tzav
Parshat shemini
Parshat Tazria/metzora