My name is Simi Lerner and I was born and raised in Edgeware, London. I came to study in Jerusalem at the age of 19 and returned to England for a year to qualify as an electrician. Now living with my wife and child in Rechavia, Jerusalem, I learn full time in the Old City and do electrical work in between. An aspiring public speaker, I am also involved in Jewish Philosophy and Holocaust education.

Each Sefer’s worth of lectures on this website is dedicated to the following people:

    1. Sefer Bereishis
    2. Sefer Shemos is lovingly dedicated to Berish and Etta Lerner, my grand-parents.
      Holocaust survivors living in England, they raised a beautiful religious family. Beirish was beloved in the community where he devoted much time and effort in to helping others and Etta gave speeches of her experiences in the war to inspire thousands.
    3. Sefer Vayikrah is in loving memory of Rabbiner Binyamin Zev and Reb. Rivka Weisz from Zurich, Switzerland. After the war, they were major powers behind the surge of religious life in Switzerland, serving as the Rav and Rebbetzin of Zurich. An enigmatic speaker and learned man, the Rav influenced many and together they raised a family of 8.
    4. Sefer Bamidbar is dedicated to Victor and Minny Wachs, of London. Victor was an honest store-owner by profession while Minny’s warm and friendly personality drew everyone near.
    5. Sefer Devarim


Thanks and Enjoy
Simi Lerner