Parshat Tazriah

In this discussion, we discover some illuminating and truly groundbreaking concepts about how the Torah views some, nowadays, quite controversial issues. We see the truly amazing approach it has on Women, Brit Milah and our outlook on the physical world. Enjoy


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Parshat Vayikrah

In this week’s discussion, we follow Rav Hirsch as he delves in to a beautiful description of the Jewish nation and the way we serve our Creator, so different from other nations. Enjoy

Not defined by grief

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Parshat Nosoh

This week, Rav Hirsch weaves a beautiful fabric of life-lessons out of the topics of the Parsha. From the different commandments we receive to the prohibitions of impurity and their status in reference to the camps of Israel, Rav Hirsch ties it all together, showing us how G-d is ever present in all our life’s actions. Hope you enjoy.



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