Parshat Bechukosai

This week’s Parsha once again displays Rav Hirsch’s awe- inspiring way of finding true Torah inspiration from the Laws of the Parsha. This week discusses the Erchin Vow – donating the Torah-given value of a person’s gender and age, to the Beis Hamikdash(Temple). Let’s discuss the values in depth and find a beautiful lesson that will accompany with us in our daily life.

Mission of the Soul, in Numbers


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Parshat Behar

In this weeks Parsha we discuss a law not often understood to its fullest – the prohibition of Ribbis – demanding interest on money lent. Rav Hirsch dispels the notion that the prohibition stems from morality, and brings out a fundamental statute to what it is to be a Jew. Enjoy.

I have also added last years discussion for download below.


Shemos 22:24
Vayikra 25:36

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Parshat Tazriah

In this discussion, we discover some illuminating and truly groundbreaking concepts about how the Torah views some, nowadays, quite controversial issues. We see the truly amazing approach it has on Women, Brit Milah and our outlook on the physical world. Enjoy


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Parshat Emor

For this week’s discussion, we will learn a stirring lesson on what it means for a Jew to be free. Why do we count 50 days of Sefirah? Why the phrase “7 full weeks”? And how does Rav Hirsh connect the Sefiras Ha’omer to both Shabbos and Milah? Find out this week. Enjoy, good Shabbos.

Counting up to Infinite Freedom


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Parshat Shmini

This week’s topic was especially interesting for me to prepare, since it deals with a common misconception that many have about impurity. What is impurity and how does the idea is represents follow through with the various laws about the topic? Learn all about it in this weeks discussion. Enjoy.

Freedom and Purity


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