Parshat Noach

This week’s episode speaks about the idea of community – both the beauty in the collective striving for a greater good and its pitfalls. Rav Hirsch elaborates on the fine line which divides an institution that enhances every private persons life from a group spreading completely false ideologies. I hope you enjoy.

This Podcast was created in Jerusalem, in merit for a speedy and successful return to peace in Israel.

Nullifying yourself to the Collective


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Parshat Bereishis

This week, we’ll discuss the Torah’s teachings on how to be a human being, created “in the image of G-d”. Additionally, we will delve into Rav Hirsch’s approach to education, and how at it’s very beginning, the foundation is to be set. Have a wonderful Shabbos.

The Image Of Education

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Parshat Vayelech

We are nearing the end of Sefer Devarim. Moshe is commanded to relate a “song” to the children of Israel. This song contains the answer to Jews throughout the ages, the solution to confusion as old as our history. Enjoy and have a wonderful Shabbos

The Darkness and the Light


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Parshat Netzavim

In this week’s discussion, Rav Hirsch explains a very fundamental issue – the concept that the Torah is “not in Heaven” and “not across the sea”. Combining this with the commandment to make the Torah’s words close to your heart, this weeks parsha truly guides us on the path of a true Jew. Enjoy

Instruction and Infallibility

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Parshat Ki-Savo

This week, Rav Hirsch goes through the Mitzwa of Ma’aser (Tithing), showing us the deeper level and lesson we can all learn from this commandment. The timing of the giving of this Mitzwah, as well as the time that this Mitzwah was fullfilled, play a crucial role in the overall teaching. Enjoy.

The study of Tithes

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Parshat Ki-Seitzei

This week, we discuss a few of the most fundamental relationships we encounter every day and how the Torah teaches us to interact with them. Most importantly, the Jews vision regarding the female gender is explained. Hear how Rav Hirsch takes the sometimes perplexing Mitzwah of Shiluach Haken to a whole new level. Enjoy.

The mother of Feminism


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Parashat Shoftim

In this week’s discussion, Rav Hirsch identifies two pitfalls that man may come to that are in fact quite similar with the true and good path. We see these lessons symbolized in the commandments about the Mizbeach, the Asheira Tree and the Matzeiva. Enjoy and have a wonderful Shabbos

Man’s Feat


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Parshat Reey

This week, we discuss the concept of slaughtering, Shechita. What lessons can be learned through the process of the slaughering of the animal, and how can we understand the different words and even sounds related to Shechita? Find out this week. Enjoy

Warning of Flesh


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Parshat Eikev

In this week’s Parsha, Rav Hirsch delves in to an aspect of our faith that makes us unique and special – our ability to “Bless G-d”. What this concept really means and how we can apply it to our everyday lives is brilliantly shown from Rav Hirsch’s explanation. Enjoy

Parallel of Blessings


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Parshat Vaes’chanan

This week’s Parsha contains perhaps the most important and widespread passage in the entire Torah – the first one every child learns and the last one Jews say before departing this world. Let us learn Rav Hirsch’s fascinating take on the Shema. Enjoy
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Just One True God

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