Parshat Tazriah

In this discussion, we discover some illuminating and truly groundbreaking concepts about how the Torah views some, nowadays, quite controversial issues. We see the truly amazing approach it has on Women, Brit Milah and our outlook on the physical world. Enjoy


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One thought on “Parshat Tazriah

  1. If we are combining the normal concepts of the Teharah process (returning introspective thoughts onto spiritual endeavours and not physicality) and the fact that the women needs to consider her positions relative to the type of child she is bearing, shouldn’t there be 2 weeks for the son (1 for normal Teharah, 1 for her guidance to her son) and 3 weeks for the daughter?

    If we are not concerned with creative distinctive time zones for each stage (i.e. separating normal Teharah process from the introspections required as a parent), shouldn’t it only require 1 week for each?


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