Parshat Vaes’chanan

This week’s Parsha contains perhaps the most important and widespread passage in the entire Torah – the first one every child learns and the last one Jews say before departing this world. Let us learn Rav Hirsch’s fascinating take on the Shema. Enjoy
Please Note: this is coming from an old PC in the Swiss Alps, so please excuse the crackling.

Just One True God


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One thought on “Parshat Vaes’chanan

  1. As you’re in the Swiss Alps I can’t ring to thank you (or to ask about you doing a job!). But I did want to congratulate you on the piece you did last week, it was superb. More, my family appreciated it too, so much that the next day one of my daughters told me how much it had affected her Krias Shema.
    Good Shobbas


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