Parshat Balak

In this week’s discussion, Rav Hirsch looks at things from a slightly different viewpoint than we are used to. We delve in to the 3 locations where Balak asked Bilaam to curse the camp of Israel and what insights these places give to his motivations and how he tried to vanquish the power of Klal Yisrael. We also learn how the nation of Israel withstood these attacks and what makes us truly a people of G-d. Enjoy

Gods and Perspectives


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One thought on “Parshat Balak

  1. Very insightful about different areas that conveys the beauty of the Torah in that all details are mentioned for a reason. Even the different locations used to curse are not mentioned in vain, as the Torah could have just mentioned the fact that Bilam tried and failed but not detail the entire episode.

    However, why that order? If, as Rav Hirsch says, that he was trying to curse their core or corrupt their core, then shouldn’t morality, intellect and then materials be the order or intellect and then morality? Either way, cursing through possessions, may cause worry and anxiety but will not disturb their core as it is external?


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