Dear Visitor.

I decided to publish a concise, 10 minute lecture on Rav Shimshon Refael’s writings on the weekly Parsha. Rav Hirsch has an amazing depth to add to the weekly Parsha that will enrich every Shabbos table. I have also found that there may be a lack of understanding about his depth and unique approach to the Parsha, and I hope that these audio downloads will spread his wisdom and insight.

Hope you enjoy – Simi Lerner

One thought on “Welcome

  1. After you fixed our sukka light on alfasi 21 I sat and listened to last two shiurim. Nice presentation of R Hirsch. Thank you for making these ideas available and accessible. I forwarded the site to some of my R Hirsch fan friends in Canada. Yashar Koach.
    Pesach Claman


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